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With our Kids Program offerings, young children and teens can join in the mission of the Children's Tumor Foundation to make a difference in the lives of millions living with NF. Schools and youth programs can host events through our Classrooms for a Cure program, kids can create their own fundraisers as part of our Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Kids program, or young walkers or athletes can take part in one of our nationwide NF Walk or NF Endurance events.

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Classrooms for a Cure

Classrooms for a Cure events are conducted in schools, camps, or other youth organizations in your community with kids under 13. Fundraising from your event benefits research to find effective treatments and a cure for NF, and your students or school have the opportunity to win awards and recognition for your efforts. Your school can choose between a Hero Dash event (geared toward elementary schools) or a Change for NF fundraiser (for elementary/middle schools).

DIY Kids

DIY Kids participants can collect donations through a personalized fundraising webpage, or can download our fundraising pledge forms. They can also earn a variety of awesome Fundraising Prizes!

NF Walk

Our NF Walk events around the country are family friendly and packed with activities for all ages. Your child can collect donations on their own webpage through the Kids Program to earn fundraising incentive prizes. They can even participate in a Hero Dash fun run hosted at many NF Walks.

NF Endurance

Little athletes can make a big difference through our national NF Endurance program. Kids under 13 can participate in age-appropriate races-  whether it's a  a 1-mile fun run, a 5K, or a mini-triathlon - to raise awareness and funds to end NF. Visit our NF Endurance program page below to find one of our team events offering kids race options (including our growing list of CTF Little Heroes 5Ks across the country), or choose your own race in your community.

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