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The Children’s Tumor Foundation Classrooms for a Cure program is a way for youth and teens to make a difference in the fight against neurofibromatosis (NF). Our program helps kids learn about a disorder affecting millions around the world, while promoting community service, teamwork, and FUN!

Classrooms for a Cure events are conducted in schools, camps, or other youth organizations in your community with kids under 13 (older teen options coming soon) and led by an Event Organizer (teachers, coaches, administrators, parents…YOU!). Fundraising from your event benefits research to find effective treatments and a cure for NF, and your students or school have the opportunity to win awards and recognition for your efforts.

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More Info

Contact Julie Pantoliano at jpantoliano@ctf.org or 646-738-8551 to learn more about Classrooms for a Cure or how to get your school involved.

How it Works

There are two types of events available within the Classrooms for a Cure program. Your school, camp, or youth organization can choose to host either a Change for NF fundraiser (geared toward elementary or middle schools) or a Hero Dash (geared toward elementary schools), which can be scheduled whenever it’s most convenient.

Once you sign up, we’ll send you an event kit with everything you need:

  • Guidebook with checklists and timelines for running a smooth event
  • Educational materials about NF and sample letters to parents
  • Flyers and posters to promote your event
  • Supplies to collect donations
  • Step-by-step support from Children’s Tumor Foundation staff

Change for NF Program

In a Change for NF fundraiser, kids work together with other classmates to collect change during a determined period of time. Students can search under the couch cushions, in their washing machines, at the bottom of the laundry bag, under the car mat...any place they might find spare change. They can also ask family and friends for donations, or do odd chores for coins. They might even run a lemonade stand or a rummage sale from home one weekend! Each student participates at a level that his/her family feels is appropriate, and each classroom or grade can pool their donations together...because every penny counts in the fight against NF!

Hero Dash Program

A Hero Dash is a short-distance running, cycling, or swimming event catered to kids under 13.  It can be a 100-meter dash, a 5K, even a mini-triathlon! Choose a race type and distance that works for your location – whether it’s a park, track or gymnasium – and your participants. You can hold your Hero Dash during gym class, as part of a field day, or as its own event after school or on the weekend. Does your school already have a fun run scheduled? Turn it into a Hero Dash by selecting CTF as the beneficiary!

Resources & Frequently Asked Questions

How do I implement a Classrooms for a Cure event in my school?

First, talk to school administrators or teachers to see if hosting this type of fundraising event is an option. Next, download the Hero Dash or Change for NF guidebook and schedule a meeting with school representatives to share this information and set the event dates. Reach out to CTF staff with event details and school contact information, and we’ll mail the necessary supplies and guide you through next steps!

What ages is the Classrooms for a Cure program geared toward?

Classrooms for a Cure events should be conducted with kids under 13. Additional opportunities are coming soon for older teens.

My school already has a fun run or change drive. Can we still raise funds for CTF?

Yes! Just get permission from the school to choose the Children’s Tumor Foundation as your event’s beneficiary and we’ll provide all the promotional and fundraising materials you’ll need to turn that event into an official CTF Hero Dash or Change for NF.

How long should a Hero Dash program run?

Allow kids to use pledge forms to collect donations 3-4 weeks before race day. Plan an additional week after the event to collect pledge sheets and donations.

How long should a Change for NF program run?

The program should run about 2 weeks, with an additional week to collect all of the change.

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